Month: January 2019

Chapter 98: Let There Be Light

Finally, we have electricity and lights in the new building.

Chapter 97: Windows for the Treehouse

Oh my goodness, what is this? More windows!

Chapter 96: Finally, an Enclosure

Finally, enclosing these spaces with doors and windows.

Chapter 95: This Porch is On Fire

Made the porch look gorgeous, and almost caught the house on fire. Just another weekend at PVR!

Chapter 94: Hit the Deck

Time to build decks over our fancy new roof.

Chapter 93: Stairway to Heaven

No more climbing a ladder to get to the roof. We have a spiral staircase now!

Chapter 92: Let’s Put a Lid on It

Time for a roof on the new building.

Chapter 91: Another Brick in the Wall

Check it out, we’re adding some actual design features to that new building in the back.