Chapter 1: Sold As-Is

September 10, 2006 • Written by Christina Berry

The house is cute…though crooked and tired. Still, look at that porch. That’s the greatest porch ever…or it will be when Errek takes out the cracked concrete and replaces it with wood.

And it’s got a kick ass location, less than two miles due east of downtown. I think if you got on the roof and could see through the trees you’d probably see the Frost tower.

And this is what was on the inside.

Awesome doors and window screens, but the carpet and fan had to go.

That is a very yellow bathroom, the yellowist I’ve seen I’m sure.

Worse yet, the bathroom didn’t even open into the living room, it was off the back bedroom. Not the most logical floorplan.

Yep, wood paneling.

Wow, more wood paneling. Even the ceiling in the kitchen is paneled.

Yes, the garage is about to collapse, but check out those HUGE Pecan trees.