Chapter 18: Our Art Show

May 11, 2008 • Written by Christina Berry

Hey, let’s have anĀ art show.

Yes, it’s hard to imagine that our little construction project could ever be considered a “gallery”, but for one weekend in November it was. We joined the E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tour) art walk as studio number 72. We were super proud of our little hole in the wall and actually sold some stuff. Yay!

But wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, first we had to awesome-iffy the space a little bit. So, how exactly does one awesome-iffy a single 27′ x 12′ windowless room with blue foam walls?

Step One: String hog wire up on the walls so we have somewhere to hang the photos. No sweat!

Step Two: Paint some weird Jackson Pollack-like splatter effect on the floor. Yes sweat!

Well first, painting the floor means moving every piece of furniture in some exhausting “game” of musical chairs.

Then came the cleaning, cleaning, and still more cleaning.

Then came the painting. Personally, I prefer 0% pants painting, but that’s just me.

And voila, what does purple + green + yellow + black splatters = ? They equal awesomeness. Duh.

But we’re not done yet, because we’ve only painted 1/3rd of the room. So we’ve got more musical chairs. Yay!

More cleaning. Yay!

An incredible shrinking living room. Yay!

And of course, 0% Pants Painting, Part II.

With the final round of painting we bid a fond farewell to the old splatters of Errek’s blood from his traumaticĀ head injury. Probably for the best.

With the floor finished we covered almost every inch of wall space with our art. Ta da!

And of course we labeled the non-art portions of our house to eliminate confusion.

Ah yes, now we’re ready to be stop number 72 on the tour. Our neighbors got a bit of a kick out of it all.

A big THANKS to everyone who came out, to Brett and his band X=X for performing music on our driveway until the rain threatened to electrocute them, and to our support crew who joined us for football and pizza that Sunday night. As usual, the party gravitated into the shower. What’s that about?