Chapter 21: Breaking Through the Fourth Wall

May 11, 2008 • Written by Christina Berry

Okay, so you know how I mentioned that the house was so old that it had no insulation? Well, when it comes to the living room fourth wall, that was a generous description. This wall barely even had “wall” so we were always battling rogue insects, rats, drafts entering from the west side to invade our space.

Having to use a Newcastle Fly Trap, while genius, got really old really fast. Still, kinda fun to watch four flies lured to their drunken death.

Long story short, it was time to stop air conditioning the whole east side. First step was to take down our blue foam and tear down the wood sheathing. Yay more mess.

Check it out, some time back in the day they completely mangled a six-foot span of the wall in order to insert a wall unit AC. I can’t believe this place is still standing. It’s funny all the weird crap you find when you open up the walls. But never fear, we framed the hell out of that wall.

With the wall opened up, our resident electrician put outlets more or less EVERYWHERE.

Then came my favorite part of the job, using spray foam to close up the massive crevices to the outside world.

Before: Hello beautiful world!

After: Ha, just try to get in now!

At this point something went horribly wrong with our can of Hilti foam. It just kept growing and growing and growing…

Modern art!

But was of no consequence, because now it was time to insulate. ITCHY!

And after the insulation came…oh my god, no way, it’s a solid wall. Oh hells yeah!


Ah, but wait, what’s this? A fifth wall?