Chapter 23: Leveling the Front Porch

May 11, 2008 • Written by Christina Berry

Apparently you can’t do anything in our house without the porch looking like crap. All the wood we’d pulled out of the living room was tossed into huge piles on the front porch for later de-nailing and stacking. Oh and every time we level a different part of the house, the porch droops just a little more. Well enough of that, it’s time to level that baby up. So we went to Home Depot and bought some 4×4 pre-treated posts.

Then we stacked a bunch of wood up, propped up our bottle jacks and lifted the porch. Errek enlightened me later that what we were doing was very dangerous, but at the time ignorance was bliss.

All told we lifted the far corner of the porch about 5 inches. Those dangling iron legs used to be what held up the porch. Damn!

So, can you tell the difference?



Yeah, I can’t really tell either, but Errek can and he’s happier with it now, so yay. And there you have it, a perfectly level front porch complete with piles of trash, a wheel barrel, and a random cat ass. Keepin’ it classy in the ’02.

Apparently the new look is incredibly popular among the neighborhood strays, and those knuckleheads are tough to please. It’s probably the cat ass drawing them in.

Okay, that is all for now. Gawd, isn’t that enough? Coming “soon” layered sub floors in the living room, drywall, a kitchen sink in the living room, a fully finished bathroom…mostly, maybe more but I’m living in the now…for now.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to our biggest fan, my momma!