Chapter 25: Stop! Bathroom Time!

April 4, 2009 • Written by Christina Berry

We’re back in the bathroom again. Out where a friend is a friend. Where the longhorn cattle feed, on the lowly Jimpson weed… Okay, so I guess Gene Autry isn’t appropriate in every situation.

Anyway, it’s time to update the bathroom saga, cuz, well, a lot has happened since we last left off.

Most importantly, we have actual, honest-to-god walls with paint on them and everything. It’s kind of a big deal. But, shoot, I’m getting ahead of myself, cuz the process for getting paint on said walls, was harrowing and irksome.

Why so irksome, you ask? Because we’re masochists and do things the hard way so we have fodder for this blog. That’s right, we do it all for you. You’re welcome.

So, to give you a glimpse of the walls pre-perfection: this glamour shot was made possible by removing the medicine cabinet and hamming it up in the new bedroom/bathroom pass through window.

Whoa freaky…

While we’re ripping stuff out of the wall, we decided to remove the glass block windows from the back wall. It just seemed like too much. Turns out, we’re minimalists.

With the walls the way we wanted them, and free of clutter, it was time to tape and mud. Did you know that this process sucks? Really, it’s horrid.

First you’ve got to stick this goo on the wall.

Then you get this paper “tape” and you lay it on top of the goo and smush it in so the goo oozes out all over the place. Then you run a putty knife (which is entirely too dull to be called a “knife,” but whatever) across it over and over.

THEN, after all that, you wait for it to dry. And when it’s dry, you sand it.

Sanding is the truly horrid part, or so the bathroom chicken thought. Poor fella.

Wow, is this what my lungs look like?

Then, after all that sanding, more mud and tape? For serious? That smile is fake, I was crying on the inside.

Oh and did I mentioned that the ceiling likes to poop spackle onto the unsuspecting heads of idiots who get too close to the action.

As if I didn’t already know the full extent of Errek’s perfection-addiction, he decided that to make the walls perfect, he didn’t want to spackle just the seams, no he wanted to spackle every inch of drywall.

Yep, every inch.

But, in his yen for perfection, he actually figured out a very neat technique. See, most DIY guides will tell you to spackle and tape and sand and spackle and tape and sand until you have a smooth surface. The problem is that sanding is a pain and didn’t seem to give us the surface we wanted. So instead, for the final layer we spackled and let it dry, then took a damp sponge to the walls. Gently run it over the walls. It helped to scrub out any lumps and smooth out any dimpled. It was rad. Yay Errek for that little find.

Finally, we were done, the walls were plumb and flat and in desperate need of some paint.

Are you ready? Ready for color? Wait. First, a shaky face photo. We call this one “Shaky Face Paint Jiggler.”

Doh, sorry, still no color. First we had to paint the ceiling. In order to achieve a perfect seam between the ceiling and wall, we painted the ceiling paint down onto the wall about an inch and a half, so they would overlap all perfect and whatnot.

Now, with the ceiling painted and dried, we taped up the ceiling and FINALLY added our splash of color.



Is it just me, or is this color all wrong for the room?

Nope, not just me. We hated this color, which is weird because I’m a huge fan of purple. But this was just all wrong for our room. Well, it’s a good think that paint is cheap and easy to cover up? Just a coat of primer and a new canvas to work with.

Stop making me laugh, this painting thing is serious business.

Well we tried blue, but it looked like a baby’s nursery, then finally we found a nice subtle green and it was love at first sight — subtle, cool, fresh, and looks great with red (the future color of our future towels).

Ta Da!

Man, I am in love with the walls of that room. They look so good I could eat them, and I generally don’t like green food, so that’s saying a lot.

But wait, our improvements to the bathroom, don’t stop there. Oh no, it’s time for WOOD!