Chapter 30: Ah the Joys of Appraisal Values

December 28, 2009 • Written by Christina Berry

Apparently, at the Ranch “soon” means 8-10 months. As in, “Oh, we’ll be updating the website soon.” Yep, my heartfelt apologies for not updating this thing sooner. It’s just hard to stop and take stock and write about life, when we’re…you know…living it.

Anyhoo, a lot has changed since last we left you, and at the same time, nothing has changed. It’s a frustrating paradox, trust us.

Want details? Okay.

So, when last we wrote it was April and we’d built a temporary kitchen in the living room. The idea was to make the place as comfortable as possible for as cheap as possible. Why? Cuz we’re saving our money for things that are much more awesome and expensive.

That’s right, much of 2009 was spent fretting about money. Cuz, see here’s the thing, we have big dreams (HUGE), and little wallets (TINY), so finding a middle ground is hard (REALLY HARD). In the midst of all this fretting, we got the bright idea to refinance the house. Heck, interest rates are at historic lows, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, you know what else was at historic lows in 2009? Appraisal values. *sigh*

Still, in an effort to get a good appraisal we took care of some much needed cosmetic projects. Such as…

The yard. Errek tamed the wild beast of weeds and run away grass, but…uh…it was still ugly.

We decided to plant some pretty flowers and ivy in our porch planter to distract from the fact that the porch planter was migrating south faster than the rest of the house.

Okay, way better. Even the cat was pleased.

But what about this? Oh wow, it looks like someone took a sledgehammer to our front skirting and then tried to put it back up. Weird, I wonder why. Oh wait, I’d almost forgotten about that time when we took a sledgehammer to our front skirting and then tried to put it back up. Regardless, of “who” destroyed the curb appeal, the fact remained that it needed a bit of a facelift. Enter Errek’s 24-hour whirlwind makeover. It was still wet when the appraiser came over. Haha!

Muuuuuuuuuuuuuch better. Dude, it almost looks like a normal house now.

Well, okay, I should qualify that and say, “it almost looks like a normal house now UNTIL you step inside.” We’d sort of grown accustomed to living in a room with an exposed studwall and plastic insulation on the ceilings. Guess we should…you know…drywall.

But first, time to make the jelloshots!

It’s important, when making jelloshots, to wear a safety hat, especially if you are sampling the goods. Okay, I jest…

Errek, you get on that whole drywall thing. I’ll just be in the “kitchen” making tons and tons of jelloshots. Note: for those of you who regularly consume our jelloshots, these were for the Dive Bar benefit. Yep, that’s how long it’s been since we updated this site. Lame.

A well stocked fridge. Now, where was I? Oh yeah…drywall.

Next up, the ceiling.

I love this photo.

So, now for the punchline. The appraiser comes over. We’re exhausted because we’ve been up all night finishing our home makeover. And he takes a whopping 5 minutes to walk through and value the house at EXACTLY what we owe. I mean we’re talking within a few hundred bucks of the loan balance. What the hell?

So…plan two. Win the lottery! We’ll keep you posted on that progress. In the meantime, a few other nifty things happened at the ranch.

“Like what?” You ask. Well, we got to rent the yard next door for $1. Yes, that is correct — ONE DOLLAR. 🙂