Chapter 33: E.A.S.T. Art Show: Year 3

December 28, 2009 • Written by Christina Berry

For the third straight year, Pleasant Valley Ranch was a stop on E.A.S.T — the East Austin Studio Tour. New this year, we invited some fantastic guest artists to join us. What a hoot! We set up a large tent in the yard next door and called it “The Pasture” so we could spread out and really have a good time. It worked. This was the best E.A.S.T. yet!

Beneath the tent we hosted two guest artists — Shanna Howard displayed jewelry and Chris Hamberlin displayed photography.

Photo by Shanna Howard

In addition to the giant tent we also hosted Carrin Welch’s two “Rocking Horses of the Apocalypse” — Bellona (War) and Famina (Famine). Death coming soon next year! Not literally…I mean Death the horse.

Nom, nom…Ahhhhhh, Bellona is eating the ranch! Run for your lives.

On the inside, I strung up what was completed of my beaded jellyfish. I have a long way to go before it’s complete, but you can get a sneak peak of my first marine piece. (I have two more in my head, if only I had more time for beading). Also, as usual — photos and digital art covered every wall.

But this year, E.A.S.T. at PVR was about so much more than just art. We had rocking horse riding.

Photo by Shanna Howard

Hey look, it’s Rudy the architect riding on Bellona. Coolest architect ever!

In addition we had hula hooping!

Photo by Shanna Howard


Photo by Chris Hamberlin

Doggy kisses!

Photo by Shanna Howard

Hilarious story telling!

Photo by Chris Hamberlin

Ah, what a glorious E.A.S.T. we had. If you’ve never been, put it on your calendar. Weekend before Thanksgiving 2010 (and also the weekend before that one), see you then.

And to the wonderful friends who joined us for some or all of the event this year, thank you. You all make me smile.

E.A.S.T. @ PVR 2009 – (from left) Chris Hamberlin, Christina, Errek, Carrin Welch, and Shanna Howard.

Photo by Shanna Howard

Okay, enough of the blissed out love-fest. Now, back to work.