Chapter 34: Making Room for Laundry

December 28, 2009 • Written by Christina Berry

So, after the bliss of E.A.S.T. we were all fired up to finally get started on the addition to the house. Exciting right?

Well, step one is to demolish the old kitchen and laundry room on the back to make room for the new construction. But first thing is first, we had to move the laundry room into the living room (now you see why this had to wait until after EAST).

By the way, this is the old laundry room…really more of a hut than a “room.”

It’s going to be nice to have our utilities indoors. But, need to make space for them.

Tada! Space.

Of course, now we need to replumb and run new electric.

Dinner time, Errek just loves that Sawzall.

Done. All plumbed and lit up.

No wait, now it’s done. All installed and everything.

Okay, so we’ve got the laundry room moved, now all we need is a tiny little thing called a demolition permit. Sounds simple, right? Hahaha. Oh your naivety is adorable…