Chapter 38: Condemned Kitchen Doom

February 14, 2010 • Written by Christina Berry

So remember George Washington’s kitchen, the one the city was so hesitant to let us demolish? Well it was time to tear that shit up! Oh yeah! While the laundry hut was barely hanging on for dear life, the kitchen was layer upon layer of stuff we had to dissect. It was going to be a pain. And while it may look like Errek brought this cabinet down with one touch, it was actually the first step in a long drawn out, and fairly gross demolition weekend.

See that dark spot, that’s water. It’s a big part of why this kitchen had to be condemned and torn the hell up. Yep, it’s a really gross chain reaction…

Hole in roof leads to water damage…Water damage leads to mold…

Mold leads to me having to wear a respirator during demolition…

While I was clearing the room of toxic groddiness, Errek was trying to figure out how on earth to get the massive cabinets out. They were custom built into the wall and pretty well built, so they required a lot of prying, levering, cussing, and eventually sawing the thing into pieces.

Oh great, more water damage.

Oh dude, an orb. Think it’s George Washington’s ghost…or just dust?

Okay enough about ghosts, we’ve got a room to tear down. My favorite moment of the entire weekend is coming up. First, we removed the window.

Then it was at this point when we looked out the gaping hole in the wall and noticed our next door neighbor standing there staring at us. She asks with dismay, “What are you doing?”

Best. Question. Ever. How do you answer that… “Um, we’re tearing down the kitchen.”

I’m pretty sure the folks next door think we’re insane. For 3.5 years they’ve heard and seen us tear things out of our house, but the outside of the house has always stayed the same, and then when they finally see us changing the outside it’s to shrink the place? Yep, if they think we’re insane, they’re right.

And to further prove our insanity, Errek climbed up onto the roof and pulled up the metal roof with his freakin’ hands.

Yep, insane.

No, that’s not a weather balloon or an alien wreck in Roswell, it’s the roof. We recycled it for a whopping $14.

The cool thing was that under the old steel roof were long leaf pine boards, and most were in excellent condition. They were the same type of wood that we pulled off the walls and ceiling in the rest of the house, and what we plan to put on the floor of the kitchen, so we took a lot of care to pry the nails out and save the boards.

Look at all that fabulous old wood. I can’t wait until we’ve got this space built and can live on beautiful old pine floors.

Once the top layer of pine was removed Errek stood on the roof and sledged the bottom layer of pine down from the top. It made it a lot easier, and then he could just pry the nails out later.

Tada! Roof be gone!

Up next, walls! Again, Errek sledged them out from the inside and then knocked the nails out later. We’re storing these siding boards too, to use again after we’ve sanded and cleaned the old paint off.

Tada! Whoa, for the first time ever we can see straight out the backdoor to the yard. Can’t wait until we’ll be able to see out to the yard from the front door. *sigh*

So you’d think with the walls down, we’d be mostly finished, right? Um, wrong. There were THREE layers of floor. Man, Amado built this room like we remodeled the rest of the house — to last! I kinda love it.

Woot! The kitchen is gone. We’re reeeeeeeeady for the next step now…well mostly. Now there is this whole matter of the carport and shed.