Chapter 4: Plumbing is Progress

September 10, 2006 • Written by Christina Berry

Hip hip hooray. We’re seeing progress. First came the water wall from hell — 2×8 and heavy as a beast and we had very little space to build and lift it, what with all the stuff everywhere.

I’ll just hold this here wall up while sipping my Fanta. I’m hardcore!

Eventually there will be a door, but all in good time. Priority: toilet.

Toilet coming soon. So close…so very very close.

We put in a false/temporary plywood platform in order to get the approximate height of the toilet and sink when we add the floor insulation and Durarock, then we finally installed the toilet.

Oh lordy lordy, nothing has ever been such a positive step in the evolution of lifestyle. We have yet to put water in it…gotta let the glue dry. But progress is progress.

True, there will be “privacy issues” until we have the walls covered, but a toilet is still a HUGE step forward.