Chapter 44: Tribute to Lucy

July 21, 2010 • Written by Christina Berry

Well, it’s been just 3 months since the last update, but it feels like a lifetime. So much has happened since April, both good and bad. I’ll go ahead and start with the bad, so that we can end on a high note.

The sad news first…


We lost a beloved member of our team. Lucy, my 20+ year old cat, passed away in June. I first met Lucy when I was an awkward teen…emphasis on “awkward.”

If you never had the opportunity to meet her, well, I feel sorry for you. She was a genuinely sweet and friendly cat who never met a stranger. Also, she was extremely patient with her human.

She was the best job foreman a DIY-duo could ask for — demanding but fair.

She was an indoor cat, but in her late years we enjoyed bringing her out to sit on the porch with us. She loved it. She owned that porch.

When she wasn’t sitting on the porch she was sitting at her window looking out at the porch and yard, keeping tabs on everyone and everything — watching the daily circus that is our street. So, to honor her and remember her always, we’ve planted a beautiful Red Oak in front of the porch and her window. Meet the Lucy Tree.

Ain’t she a beauty? Just like her namesake. We chose a Red Oak because in the fall Red Oak leaves turn…well…red, and Lucy (just like her namesake Lucille Ball) was a redheaded…er…red bellied kitty.

So this blog update, and the tree, are dedicated to you, my sweet girl. You are missed and loved…always.

Well crap, now I’m crying, so let’s move on to the less heart-wrenching updates. Are you ready?