Chapter 46: New Subfloors, Meet Hurricane Alex

July 21, 2010 • Written by Christina Berry

Is it floors that you want? Then it is floors you shall have. First up, the floor joists. Errek really has something against “bounce” in a floor so we built that sucker solid (2×8 at one foot on center). It was a solid floor, for damn sure.

Whoa, that went really fast (in photo form), so fast that we were laying waste to the tools of the trade.

To quote Errek, “That hammer is dead to me.”

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, I can practically step outside of the backdoor. This is strange.

Like my glasses? They’re special rose colored glasses guaranteed to make you let out a Spicoli “Ohhhh, gnarly!” when you put them on. But they’re not just for freaking you out, they came with the level. Apparently it’s easier to see a red laser line when you’re wearing ridiculously red glasses than just with the naked eye.

See? I told you — ridiculously red.

Look how tiny Errek looks against our GIANT house.

Here we have the kitchen and breakfast room, can you see it yet?

And over here the bedroom extension and master bath. Can you make it out? Yeah, me neither. I think maybe actual floors will help.

But first, exercise! Now streeeeeetch those hamstrings. That’s right…hold it for just a little longer. You can do it.

And streeeeeetch again. Can you feel the burn? Now, just hold that…oh wait…haha, silly me, that’s not exercise, that’s just us screwing down the subfloor.

OH EM GEE! Is that? Oh dude, it totally is A FLOOR!

This section was lower than the rest of the floor for a reason. That’s where my mammoth bathtub and Errek’s man cave shower will go.

But first, we we’re gonna spend an evening drinking beers in this little indention of heaven.

After our beer-drinking in heaven evening, we put down the final layer of subfloor, the plywood. So next it’s walls, right?

Yeah, um, no. See first we have to paint the subfloor with a primer coat of paint. This is because we move with the pace of a snail and the floor is going to sit exposed for a while, so we needed to protect it. Protect it from what, you might ask?

Well, from Hurricane Alex, for example.

Yep, just as we finished laying the subfloor (and before we had time to paint it) we had to rush to cover it up with tarps and plastic and rocks because a huge lotta rain was coming our way.

And when I say a huge lotta, I’m not kidding. It was three exhausting days of tarp and plastic maintenance to try and minimize water infiltration.

Then, for about two glorious hours one afternoon the clouds parted. We took that opportunity to make an improvement. See, when we first laid the subfloor, the layers of plywood and OSB overlapped the edge of the house. We planned to just cut the edges off when we were done, but the rain came too soon. However these overlapped edges were creating a problem with the rain run off. Some water was wicking up the outside edges. This was potentially very bad because when OSB gets wet, it’s like cork, it expands. No bueno.

So when the rain paused, we hurriedly pushed the tarps and plastic aside and sawed the ends off.

Then we quickly put the tarps and plastic back down.

I say “quickly” because this beauty was heading our way.

Five minutes after getting the tarps back down — blammo — more torrential rain.

Dear Mr. Inventor of Tarps, we love you so hard right now!

Finally, after a week of rain, we got a day of sun, and then two days and then….oh my gosh, three days of sun. No way, three days of sun in Texas in the summer? Gasp! Well we wasted no time acting on this rare gift of the cosmos. We peeled the plastic away, and set the fans on high to dry out those three spots that got a bit wet.

Yeah, despite all our hard work, we got a little moist, but nothing too severe. Seriously, Mr. Inventor of Tarps, I’m sending you a fruitcake this Christmas.

And with the wet spots dry, it was time to finally paint.

Then we set the fans to dry the paint.

And what’d we do next, watch the paint dry? Not likely. No rest for the wicked. We have to look over our floorplans and plot out the walls.

Wait…repeat that…walls?


OH EM GEE! Houston, we have no more problems, we have walls!