Chapter 5: Running Water…Sort Of

September 10, 2006 • Written by Christina Berry

So a toilet is really just a porcelain sculpture if you don’t have running water. I mean sure, you can sit on it, but the deposits you make won’t go very far without water to take it out of sight and out of mind. And a garden hose is only funny for one or two flushes, then it’s annoying.

Christina’s Approach to Plumbing Project Management — Assess need, determine course of action, map out steps for getting job done.

“Okay, so what we need is for the water to do that swirly thing and then suck out.” ~Christina

Errek’s Approach to Plumbing Project Management — Get job done.

“Try the lever.” ~Errek

Try the lever? Really? Okay, but if water goes everywhere it’s your fault.

Hoot! Hoot! It’s a miracle. A working toilet.

Listen, it’s doing that sucking thing. What a glorious sound. This toilet has the voice of an angel.

Oh, and to help with the “privacy issues”…moving blankets. Yay.