Chapter 54: E.A.S.T. #4 at PVR

December 16, 2010 • Written by Christina Berry

E.A.S.T. this year consisted of tours through our home during the two weekends prior to Thanksgiving.

On the first weekend we featured 5 artists: Dave Berry (my dad), Martha Berry (my mom), Dwayne Barnes, Errek, and me.

Hi Dwayne!

Hey look, the rollergirls are skating up the sidewalk.

Hey look, dad’s being interviewed by KLRU (PBS).

Hey look, mom’s being interviewed by KLRU (PBS).

It was a great weekend. I was bummed because Errek had to work that weekend, but otherwise it was a good time had with friends and family.

During the week between E.A.S.T. tour weekends, Errek and I had a little time to chill, and a couch on our porch…and some rum…and a Snuggie. It was a great week to relax and cuddle on the couch…on the porch.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. Oh no. We had one last obstacle to overcome – darkness.

For the second weekend of E.A.S.T. we would be hosting 9 artists — the original five, plus Shanna Pharis, Chris Hamberlin, Cindy St. John, and Carrin Welch. Three of those artists would be going into the new kitchen area.

One problem — no lights. Also, Errek and I had our art on the front porch, and learned the hard way with weekend one — no lights there either. So Errek donned his toolbelt and went all electrician on this house’s ass.

For the front porch, I found a string of old Christmas lights in the garage. Perfect.

For the back, Errek rigged up some temp lighting.

By the way, you should be impressed that this gangbox has two switches, but just one wire going to both the inside and outside lights.

For the inside lights, Errek rigged up what’s called “temp lights” in the electrician trade, just some Romex that links these little bulb bracket dohickies (I’m pretty sure that “little bulb bracket dohickies” is the official term, I totally didn’t just make it up).

He then put in these large “daylight” fluorescent curly bulbs, which are quite bright. How bright? Well look at the glow coming from the back of the house.

Here’s what our house looked like from Pleasant Valley Road. Yeah, pretty freakin’ bright.

As if that wasn’t bright enough, Errek also installed this giant outdoor light at the rear peak. I was afraid that pilots might get confused and think we were a landing strip at the airport, but apparently I underestimated the brightness of landing strip lights.

The second weekend of E.A.S.T. was even better than the first. We had tons of friends visit, tons of art lovers visit, and (most awesome of all) Errek was able to join us that weekend.

Also, that weekend we had the pleasure of eavesdropping on a mariachi band party next door. They had horns and everything! I love this neighborhood.

So this about wraps up the latest update. It’s not the end of what’s happened at the house, but I feel like I’ve covered so much your eyes are swimming in minutia (which sounds gross). So I’ll leave you with some lovely fall foliage. This is the Red Oak tree dedicated to Lucy the cat — the Lucy Tree. Look at those fabulous fall colors. I love fall! I love this tree!

Happy Holidays!