Chapter 56: Building a Bubble Room

March 1, 2011 • Written by Christina Berry

Here we were on the cusp of actualizing our new, full-sized house, but first we had to move our entire world into one measly little bedroom in order to make it happen. Why, because it was cold outside and we needed to be in a space we could insulate while we worked on the bulk of the house.

So, time to move into the kitty apartment.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you know what the “kitty apartment” is, but in case you’re new here — the “kitty apartment” was the bedroom Errek built for my cat, Lucy.

No joke. Years ago Errek wanted me to move in, but I would not be coming alone. I’d had Lucy in my life since I was 12, and there was damn sure no way I was moving anywhere without her. Problem: Errek is deathly allergic to cats. Solution: Errek turned one of the two bedrooms into a kitty apartment, complete with its own exterior door. Lucy loved it, I loved it — it was great. Sadly, last June Lucy passed away at the ripe old age of twenty-one and a half.

Several months have since passed and it’s time to reconnect this room with the rest of the house and convert it back into people space.

Because this was one of the first rooms we moved into, and then it was the home of one very sweet old lady, it was the only part of the house which had not been completely gutted. As a result, the demolition was a real mess.

But first up, we had to clear all of our stuff out of the way.

Say hello to the Mobile Mini, the new home of all of our stuff!

Room empty, time for the mess! Ah demolition, can’t say that I’ve missed you.

Once the interior was cleared out, we attacked the exterior walls. Poof, closet’s gone! Peek-a-boo says Errek.

Sorry Mr. Gecko, but you might want to take a hike.

Whoa, wall be gone!

Hey neighbors, your suspicions were correct, we are indeed crazy.

Yep, crazy.

Initially, the plan was to complete the permanent framing of this room. However, as we started to piece it together we realized the walls were all wonky. I guess 60 years without proper bracing will do that to a place. In order to complete the framing, we’d need to completely redo this corner of the house. Uh…yeah, change of plans, let’s just do temp for now and get moved in.

Well, at least the ceiling joists are permanent.

Moved the outside door to the inside to separate our future bubble room from the soon to be open-air house.

Basically, the plan was to build ourselves a little air-conditioned box to live in while we work on the rest of the house. Yep, a box.

Oh and our box would include the closet.

Installing the electrical switch for the closet.

And now for the “conditioned” part of our box. We put up 1/2″ rigid foam on all the walls and the ceiling.

It really does look like a big blue bubble…or a padded cell.

Well, at least our padded cell has a closet.

But it wasn’t all just a baby blue spartan hell, there was, for example, this…

Yes. That is indeed a really big LED 3D TV. Maybe you didn’t think we were the LED 3D TV type. Yeah, neither did we, but since our padded cell didn’t have any windows or much in the way of space for our old CRT, we decided to invest in a little piece of awesome. And also, after all our hard work we deserved a treat. Right? Justified? Yep. Here she is playing Pandora. Yay.

Anyway, so there you have it — our little world. Add a space heater/window unit and it’s home sweet home for the next (unknown) months. *Sigh*

And now, is it time to open up the living room yet?

Yeah, well, no. Now we have to move all our other junk into the Mobile Mini. Cue the Yakkity Sax.

Ramps = awesome.

“They drew first blood, not me!” Yeah, that’s Errek impersonating John Rambo. We make our own fun.

Okay, junk is stored. Now we’re ready to open up the living room and master bedroom.