Chapter 57: Two Halves Make a Whole

March 1, 2011 • Written by Christina Berry

Without further ado, it’s finally time to connect old and new. It’s been a ridiculously long wait, and I for one am growing impatient.

First came the door. We needed to move the temporary back door to the now permanent back of the house.

Tada, the door is moved…and yes, that is a disco ball and a lawn chair in the living room. What of it?

Next we removed the bedroom wall. Check it out — before, during and after.

Oh happy, glorious, incredible, awesome, stupendous day! Time to celebrate, with some silly photos. Errek is in the new section of the bedroom, and I’m in the old section.

Errek bridging the gap between old and new.

Next up, the kitchen/living room wall.

Okay, so the only way I can describe this is by comparison. Remember when it rained in the living room, what a low point that was? Well, this moment was the exact opposite. This was some sort of feng shui karma madness. Seeing this literally lifted my heart…okay, not “literally” but it certainly lifted my mood. For several weeks, every time I’d catch sight of this room I’d grin and say, “hello, my lovely house. I love you.” And I totally meant it.

Oh and the room, it’s really long now. See that person, that’s me…way, way, way far away. The room is suddenly fifty-two¬†feet long. Weird!

Oh hey, Errek…at least I think that’s Errek…he’s like a tiny speck so far away.

With the temp walls out, we could take down the ceiling and replace the old joists. It was sort of sad actually, because he’d created those engineered beams, but they just didn’t fit to the roof properly anymore, so they got their asses replaced.


Finally, the completely connected, cleaned up space. Love it.

I’m falling in love with this house all over again all the time now. But this is hardly a time to sit on our laurels. Oh no, we had to prepare for something very, very important now — a party!