Chapter 64: Igloo & EAST

July 12, 2012 • Written by Christina Berry

Well, wow, it’s been a long time since I updated the blog. The last update was posted in September of 2011, that’s almost a year ago! What? How lame is that? Very lame. And what, pray tell, is my lame excuse for why I haven’t been blogging it up all year?

Well, I sort of lost my PVR mojo. Boo. This might surprise you, but it’s not easy to maintain a sense of humor about living in a construction site. And this year, year six of the project, has been particularly challenging. Not for any specific reason, just because we lost our momentum or mojo or whatever it takes to do this for what will probably be a decade, all told.

When this song starts to speak to you on a new level, that’s when you know you gotta reevaluate what the hell you’re doing.

It was time for a swift kick in the ass. And this month, we got that swift kick…or rather we took turns kicking each other in the ass…or something like that. Well, not really — what we did was a lot of talkin, thinkin, drinkin, and mathin (that means calculating our budget, but “mathin'” sounds so much cooler!), and we came to the conclusion that we could afford for Errek to quit working his day job for six months and focus 100% on the house.


I know, right?



It’s a bold move, I know, but when has a swift kick in the ass ever not been bold?

So yeah, after that swift kick, and the perfect cheer, we’re back, baby!


Okay, I’m gonna stop yelling lame cheers now, and get back to the blogging. That’s why we’re all here, right? It’s not like you can even see the herkie I just did. Just believe me when I tell you that it was in no way awkward and my back totally does not hurt right now.

Oh, quick housekeeping note, keep in mind that most of the stories I’m about to tell you took place well before this whole ass-kicking, game-changing, life-decision making phase, so if you see a thousand yard stare in our eyes, fear not. It got betta! Okay, carry on.

So, one of the things that completely shocked me was that at the point of the last blog update, we were still living in the kitchen igloo. Whoa, talk about the way back machine.

Pretty much right after we installed the windows, we moved our bedroom into the old cat room/future guest room. Now, this was nothing new, we’d lived in the cat room before moving into the kitchen, but this time we would finish out the floor and have windows, so it wasn’t so much a horizontal move, but not quite vertical either. It was a diagonal move toward the better.

First thing’s first, we needed to get the floor finished. That room had been the cat room, and she had this tremendous talent for missing the litter box when she peed. Silly kitteh. As a result, one corner of the room had a lingering ammonia odor (plywood really clings to aromas, it turns out), so since we were working on the floors, we decided to remove some of the old flooring before finishing it all out. Here you go: new floors in 5 easy photos!

Also, for the first time in about a year or so, we’d have a separate bedroom and closet from the living area, so no more kitchen/closet slashy spaces. Hooray for avoiding fire hazards!

Ahhh, muuuuuch better.

And, we could take down that stupid “temp wall.” Oh my gosh, if we never build anything labelled “temp” again it will be a good day.

And, the awesome doesn’t stop there. Errek readied the permanent laundry room space for, gasp, laundry. This was just getting ridiculous with the whole things-going-in-their-rightful-places thing.

That’s right, baby, no more venting the dryer out the window.

So now we had our big ole living room – kitchen – breakfast room opened up and gussied up just in time for E.A.S.T.

I heartz our friends and family!

Ride ’em, cowboy!

Oh, and lest we forget, this happened. The horse was all, “You call that a ranch? I piss in your ranch’s general direction!”

Uh…yeah…so, moving on.