Chapter 71: Walls & Ceilings & Lights, Oh My! Part Deux

April 4, 2013 • Written by Christina Berry

I don’t generally break up one story over multiple pages in this blog, but this drywall tale is epic, and really just too much story for one page. So, you’ve read about the drywalling of the east side of the house, now it’s time to drywall the west side — the living room, kitchen, and breakfast room.

Fortunately for this portion of the project, we had Errek’s awesome friend Jay in town for a visit, and he was a tremendous help. With those two on the job, shit got done. Also, the number of Tennessee accents in the house doubled, and I love Tennessee accents, that so was cool, too! But seriously, Jay, you’re a terrific friend. Some day, when you come visit, we’ll sit around doing nothing. It will be boring, and we’ll love it!

Yay, a layer of OSB in the living room. Though my OCD got a little twitchy with those two pieces of white OSB thrown up there. Gotsta cover that up STAT!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, because the ceiling is two feet higher than the rest of the house, there was no reason to cover the ceiling in OSB (no room for people to walk atop it), so the guys went straight to drywall and lighting.

Brutal beard, babe. Oh sorry, I got distracted, check out our can lights.

Alrighty, electrician man, work your magic!

Note the old temp lighting hanging down in the center. Those have been our kitchen lights for the last…eh…it’s been so long I don’t even know how long anymore. All I know is they’re about to get replaced. Woot!

And voila, awesome lighting! Woot!

Kitchen ceiling perfecto!

Next up, walls in the living room and kitchen.

Check it out, that blue plasticy wall behind the microwave is the last remnant of the rigid foam walls that used to cover parts of the house.

Rigid foam wall be gone!

Look ma, I’m helping too!

You know you’ve arrived when you’ve got a door bell. We’re eating at the grown up table of life now!

With the living room and kitchen mostly done, it was time to tackle the breakfast room. There was some sort of rhyme to our reason for why we kept jumping from one unfinished room to another, but I forgot what it was.

The last of the walls, goes up in the kitchen.

And last but not least, the living room ceiling. With this, we’d have every wall and ceiling of the house drywalled. It was kind of a big deal.

Also, with the ceiling up, we could put the new lights in. That means out with you, stupid broken pole lamp! Buh bye!

In with the new.

We should rename the house The Landing Strip…er…maybe not, but dude, check out those lights. We could land planes up in here!

And, wait, what’s this?!?!?!? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! More chandelier porn! Say what? Yepper!

World, meet the dining/breakfast room chandelier.

So, uh, yeah, not to brag, but look how great this place is looking. With all those walls and ceilings and lights, it actually resembles a real house.

Well, it mostly resembles a real house.