Chapter 72: E.A.S.T. #5 at PVR

April 4, 2013 • Written by Christina Berry

Errek got all of our shiny new drywall and lights up just in time for EAST #5. Of course, there was no way in hell that we were putting holes in our new drywall, so we got a fancy new art hanging system.


Also, he built a temporary railing for the front porch so no one went wobbling off the edge.

This year we hosted Deanna Castillo, my dad Dave Berry (weekend 1), Shanna Pharris (weekend 2), and Carrin Welch (weekend 2).

Everyone is all smiles, even though I think Brian was cussing like a sailor just before this was taken…when is he not, though?

So we got all set up, and then we waited. Hi mom and dad!

And then a crazy thing happened, we were visited by a pack of French clowns…

…and a zombie marching band…

…and an itty, bitty baby…

…and some sun-hating friends.

What a great year! It was fantastic to have a real, walled space to showcase art and host friends and guests. Love!