Chapter 73: Let the Dream Kitchen Begin

April 4, 2013 • Written by Christina Berry

So check it out, remember how we have this whole “dream house” plan going on? Well, eventually that dream was to include a Wolf range. Keyword being eventually. Appliances were not in the budget until something like 2016. But then some dumbass over at Wolf got this crazy idea to redesign their product line. Wha-wha-what? Why?

Seriously, Wolfs are classic. You don’t screw with that, guys.

Well, we went into panic mode because as of the start of 2013, they’d be discontinuing the product line we absolutely adore and replacing it with something very, very blah. Boo. So, though we’re totally not ready to buy appliances right now (we don’t even have the floors in), we sort of went ahead and bought our range.

Meet Robb, our Wolf range. He’s a beauty and a beast?

Of course, in the tradition of PVR, even this was a process whereby we had to do a whole lot of work. Specifically, because the range was under a transom window, we had to vent the vent-a-hood out the wall, so Errek got some ductwork specially made by our AC guys at AirCo. Thank you, AirCo!

Then Errek mounted the vent-a-hood.

Look, it has lights. Ain’t it pretty?

Here’s Robb getting acclimated to his new home.

It’s a gas range. Yay!

I love this photo. That’s my handy man, and I love him!

Robb is a 36″ range with four burners, and a center grill. Love it!

Well hello there, gorgeous!

Oh, and not to be outdone, the fridge can make ice now. Woot!