Chapter 76: Wait, There’s More Bathroom News? Yeppers.

February 22, 2014 • Written by Christina Berry

Okay, so now we have a functioning 1/4 bath, and it’s gorgeous. Right?

Right! And, I mean, it has a tub and sink, what more could you want? Oh, I dunno, maybe a toilet and a shower? Oh, so you’re one of those people who wants it all. I see. Well fine, let’s see how close we can get to having it all before I hit publish on this blog update.

Back to the story. After the sink had running water and we had mirrors and ample storage space we pretty much moved in. I mean, we even found a drawer for our tube of Neosporin, clearly we were putting down roots.

But it was not meant to be…yet. Oh no, shortly after moving in, we had to move back out. But it was for a pretty good reason – paint and tile! Okay, well that’s exciting.

Unfortunately, less exciting was the fact that we had to move the entire contents of our closet out, turning our bedroom into a cluttered combo room. Joy!

Yes, that is a Dirty Dancing t-shirt. Don’t judge me.

Say hello to the mess. Hello, the mess.

Once the bathroom was empty, Errek worked out a few of his “issues” on the walls and ceiling. I love you, man. You’re crazy, but I love you.

Eventually he got that glassy finish he’s always aiming for, and I painted the walls and ceiling. Lookin’ good, bathroom!

The wall color in here, like in the west side of the house, is subtle. It’s a very light bluish gray. We’re keeping the wall color light in this room, because the tile is going to be pretty dark and we don’t want to weight the whole space down. We’re going for a Zen vibe here, not a Holi vibe.

Less this…

More this…

With the walls painted, it was time to focus our attention on the tile portions of the room. First, we trimmed out the windows. The tile will butt up against the trim, and it gives the windows a much more finished look. We went with a really simple trim style here, because the focus of the room will be the tile. For the other rooms, the window and door trim will be more ornate. Here’s the before…


And after…

Once the windows were attended to, we turned to the tile prep. First, Errek built the shower “caddy” as I like to call it, into the wall of the shower.

Then he taped and mudded all the seams. This surface does not need to be smooth as glass, as it will be covered in tile.

Then he…oh good God, what are you doing? I said less like Holi, less like Holi!

Jesus, I feel like I’m standing inside a piñata.

Relax, baby, this is just the RedGard waterproofer. It will be covered by the tile. Although, technically, I could hook up our rain shower right now and it would function as a shower.

Oh great, welcome to our shower…in hell.

Well, okay then. On to the floor, where Errek has been working on getting the sub floor ready.

And thinking really hard about how to get a seamless slope between the trench drain and the curbless shower entrance. This is his thinking man pose, totally not staged at all.

And this, fair readers, brings you up to the minute with regard to the master bathroom. As I type this, the second coat of RedGard is drying. In the next week or so Errek will be putting fiberglass and RedGard on the floor. Also, we’ll be painting the windows, and then (drum roll) we’ll be ready for tile! Say what?!?!

Pretty exciting, right? And in the meantime, a sneak peek at the tile to keep your interest piqued.

On the floor, a lovely dark gray hex tile, because we freakin’ love hex tile.

And on the walls, some interesting stuff with subway and glass.

You’ll have to stay tuned to see if we can pull off our big plans and finish out this room.

In the meantime, another story. This one is a long time coming. Remember ages ago when I told the story of putting siding on the one wall of the house. Well, we’ve continued to put siding on the house, I just haven’t blogged about it because I was waiting for it to get finished.

At this point we’re about two-thirds finished, but are so focused on the interior that it’s been a bit forgotten. So, check out the progress we’ve made so far on the outside of the house. For the first time in a long time, it actually looks good from the curb.