Chapter 78: Grown Up Furniture for a Grown Up House! Say What?

April 15, 2015 • Written by Christina Berry

Well hey there! Wow, I’m so bad at blogging. The last time I posted a PVR update was in February of 2014. Now it’s April of 2015 and I’m just now getting around to writing about all the amazing things we’ve done in the last year plus.

But seriously, a lot of life stuff has happened in that year and sometimes construction on the ranch just has to take a backseat, right?

What life stuff, you’re asking?

Well, hmm, there was that time we went to Ireland…

And England…

Oh and Croatia.

Just as an aside, look how tiny I look in the Zagreb Cathedral. Good for the ego, that church.

So, yeah, we went to Europe with our amazing friend Nikki and while there we spent time with our other amazing friend Heather on her birthday, got crazy with my friend Brian, got to meet my longtime penpal Cvik, and made tons of new friends.

Then, let’s see, what other life stuff… Oh yeah, we got engaged. That was pretty nifty.

And then just a few weeks ago we went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for my sister’s wedding.

In a nutshell, this year has been awesome, and I haven’t even started to tell you about all the improvements on the house. OMG! Prepare to be amazed!

First, I’ll tell you about the most boring part. Consider this warmup for the awesome, wouldn’t want to pull a muscle.

Okay, so a little background, one of the other things that happened during the last year is that I began working from home. Cool, right?

Well, if you’d ever seen our living room furniture, you’d know that there was a pretty big problem with that scenario. Our furniture looked like it came out of a dorm, and in fact Errek’s big beige easy chair had actually been with him since college. Aside from that chair, which I was told was comfy, the loveseat I generally sat on was about as comfortable as I imagine the Iron Throne to be… aka, not comfortable in the slightest.

Yeah, the furniture was a pain in the ass (literally).

So, with the new career move, we went to Build A Sofa and got ourselves a kick ass living room set.

Errek wasn’t too pleased to hear that his precious would be on the outs. He made his feelings known with lots of frowns and sighs.

But he said his farewells and for delivery day, he cleared out all of our crap from the livingroom. Then waited. This is Errek waiting.

And then boom-shacka-lacka! It’s here and it’s all wrapped up like Christmas! Exciting!

Errek had a hard time just standing there, not helping. The boy doesn’t do so well in idle.

I, on the other hand, thrived in idle as I stretched out on my new chaise and watched them unload piece after piece.

Oh look, Errek’s helping. Poor boy can’t even help but help.

And there you have it. The chaise in front of the window is my new office, with a great view of all the nonsense on our street.

And hey Errek, are you still bummed about getting rid of the old beige, ripped chair you loved so much? Uh, Errek? Errek?! Baby? Hello-ooh!

Yeah, clearly he’s enjoying being idle on the new sectional.

So, yeah, it’s pretty awesome to have not one, but a whole bunch of comfy chairs. But you’re probably thinking, so what, man, I just want to see cool tile and kitchen cabinets. Well, keep your shirt on, that’s coming next. Yep, warm up over, let’s do this. Prepare to be amazed in T-minus 3…2…1…