Chapter 8: Bubbleboy’s Bedroom

December 4, 2006 • Written by Christina Berry

Woohoo! More demolition. There is something very cathartic about tearing the shit out of something. This time it was the living room (again). First we emptied all of our hardwood and other building materials into the garage, which we then boarded up. We did all this on Thanksgiving Day, btw, which got the neighbors talking.

Now, with an empty room it was time to tear out the remaining drywall and basically seal up the house for winter.

Remember kids, always wear the proper protective gear when prying drywall off the ceiling and walls — a pair of safety goggles and a “Party Like A Rockstar” hat work quite nicely. Also, don’t use the pry bar behind your back, because you end of with your neck and back covered by 60 years of dust. Don’t ask me how I know.

It might look like a mess to you, but to us, this looks like progress…no, actually, it looks like a mess.

Okay, now THIS is progress.

And now it’s time to get out the compressor, and staple gun and start stapling plastic to the ceiling. This is to keep the insulation from raining down from the attic.

That compressor was very loud, and it was pretty late. We’re terrible neighbors. They must wonder, “What’s he building in there? What the hell is he building in there?” Well, at least we wave as we go by.

While Errek staples, I play in the plastic. I see why they put warning labels on dry cleaning bags, this shit is a hoot and a half. Here Errek tries to wipe that damn grin off my face by asphyxiating me. No such luck.

While we were busy sleeping, a massive cold front came in and took us from a comfy 75 to a frigid 33 degrees, so long autumn and hello insulation. We decided that for this winter the goal would be only to make the house comfortable, not perfect, so we boarded up the windows on the inside, covered the ceiling with plastic, primed the plywood floors, and covered the inside of all exterior walls with blue rigid foam insulation. It looks like bubbleboy’s bedroom in there, but man is it warm compared to yesterday.

But, while we’re not too worried yet about the appearance of things, we did decide to keep up with the neighbors as they all strung up their Christmas lights. It had more to do with having the house look lived in from the street, than that whole Jesus thing, but they’re pretty regardless of the motive.