Chapter 82: One Gourmet Kitchen Coming Up

April 15, 2015 • Written by Christina Berry

No good floor should live alone in the world, so we knew we needed to get our super duper awesome kitchen rolling. Plus, the dishes were starting to pile up in the bathroom.

So we got our good buddy Brian on the job and he made us some tremendously awesome custom cabinets.

While Brian was busy building boxes, we bought a GIANT sink which weighs a ton.

No lie…I’m as good as Navin Johnson at guessing weight and it totally weighs a ton.

So yeah, anyway really heavy fireclay sink as well as one of those cool restaurant style faucets too.

Also, we upgraded our appliances to epic level with a big SubZero fridge and a kick ass KitchenAid dishwasher that runs so quietly I sometimes have to open the door for proof that it’s even on.

Cabinet doors help to give everything a crisp clean look.

The custom laundry cubby is coming soon, as is the brushed steel cabinet hardware, but first we got Jose at Austin Granite Direct to install our countertops. Big fan of those guys. They do great work, for a great price, and Jose is a genius. He’s like the granite/soapstone whisperer the way he cuts the slabs to be efficient and get you amazing looking counters.

For this room, since the floor was so shiny we wanted a matte surface, so we looked into alternatives to granite. What we found was a little something called soapstone and I’m crazy in love with the stuff. It’s non-porous, naturally antibacterial, burn and stain resistant,┬áreally low maintenance, and gorgeous. Music to my ears!

If you’re looking for a new countertop, I highly recommend soapstone.

Brian, what’d you say to make the counter guy so happy?

Mr. Welch, you’ve got mad comedy AND cabinet maker skills, good sir. And while I’m linking to sites, here’s info on Brian’s custom woodwork.

So yeah, suddenly we went from a temp kitchen that had almost no cabinet space and very little counter space to an epically gorgeous kitchen with tons of storage space and a countertop I want to cuddle with.

Also, Brian built some really cool custom features into our cabinets, like the laundry cubby that is freakin’ awesome.

As well as the pull out pantry, which makes excellent use of our limited space.

Oh my god, seriously? I’m so stupid in love with this kitchen. I want to sing love songs to it and make it a picnic and hang out by the lake with it. Should Errek be worried? Nah, he proved he’s still more awesome than our wonderful kitchen when he bought me a bunch of prisms to hang from the windows for sunset sparkles. Pretty!

Of course, as soon as we hung the sparkles in the window we had to take them down in order to trim out the windows. Don’t worry, we’ll rehang them…soon(ish).

For trim, we had to build out the window boxes a bit because the skin vent made our walls thicker than a normal window depth. No sweat. Errek’s on it.

Then he used spray foam to make sure we didn’t have any air gaps or energy leaks.

Then the trim and some paint and… pretty!

In the dining room, it was much the same process, except the windows were MUCH bigger. Also, the sash windows of the house have some custom trim that Errek had to make. Lot’s of work? Yes. Worth it? I say yes, Errek will probably only think so in a few years when he doesn’t have to trim out any more windows.

Next, I taped off the glass, pulled the sashes out and painted the whole thing. Pretty!

Next up was the big beast, the “wall of window,” which we loved until we had to paint it. Then we soon loved it again once we were done.

First though, the glass taping. We’re going to need a bigger bottle of wine.

So many little panes of glass.

But, whatevs, time to paint.

And done. Now time to remove the tape. On Facebook, I caught a lot of flak from friends suggesting that taping wasn’t the way to do it. That I should just paint and then take a razor blade to the glass. Well, to each his own. But look at that fine line!

I’d rather tape and peal than scrape and scrape and scrape and scrape and scrape any day. Just look at the results!

And when all was said and done, look at this gorgeous kitchen. Mom and dad came by and brought with them my great grandma’s dining table which is a great fit in front of that big window. Everything looks great. Cooking is a million times easier, and every time I walk into the kitchen, I smile.

Still to come: baseboards in the dining room, backsplash tile, under cabinet lights, and pendant lights over the bar… but who cares? The kitchen is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

After the kitchen and bathroom wrap ups, we pretty much just chilled for a long time in our awesome space. We didn’t push forward on any other projects because…why? Seriously, the back half of the house was heavenly and offered so much escapism we didn’t want to bother with construction. But, the city requires regular 6 month inspections, so we needed to finish the siding in order to pass our electrical final. As a result, yay, more siding on the outside.