Chapter 92: Let’s Put a Lid on It

January 5, 2019 • Written by Christina Berry

Alright, so now that the bottom floor is mostly done, it’s time to put up some walls on the second floor. But first, we had to build these little tiny walls on the roof in order to make them part of the walls overall walls.

Why? Well, I’ll explain why later. First, though, Errek needed to put plywood up there for attaching the waterproofing later.

Which means, carrying plywood up stairs…

Pushing it up the ladder…

And screwing it into place.

Let’s just say these were not the happiest days.

But, once the roof was on, we took a wee little break to have a rooftop happy hour and pizza date, because sometimes you just need a rooftop happy hour and pizza date.

Taking pizza delivery to a new level.

Living our best lives!

And check out that view of downtown!

Alright, back to work and now Errek is making those weird little short walls (aka parapet walls) of the roof I mentioned. The reason for this is because we’re planning to have the roofers add layers of insulation up there, and when you add that plus the pitch of the roof for shedding water, there needs to be little walls that even the walls out from top to bottom and front to back. And that’s what the decking will float over. So, weird little walls, coming up…

And now, with the weird little walls in place, it’s time for actual enclosed walls on the second floor! It’s mostly straightforward on the east and west sides where there’s a deck to work from.

But the north and south walls are really, really high up. Oh my God, soooooo high up.

And Errek was literally having to push each sheet of DensGlass up the ladder and screw it into place. The north wall, in particular, was super duper hard. The bottom two rows he managed by ladder, but the top row was too high for the extension ladder.

We were going to have to figure out a way to finish the walls from the roof. So we took a page from history and built a big ole hoist on the roof.

Yep, still winning the craziest neighbor on the block contest. We are the Champions!

Tada, enclosed!

The south side was a pain in the ass, too.

Here’s Errek contemplating his life choices.

Alrighty, hard part over (yeah, right).

Next we waterproofed and trimmed the walls so we could put the actual, waterproofed and insulated roof on.

We also had to build walls for the little protrusion for the stairs in order to tie it in with the overall design.

And now for the roof, so when it rains outside, it will no longer rain inside.

Sweet! And with the roof on, we could move forward with actually enclosing the upstairs and downstairs spaces. So we bought some windows…and then we waited…and we waited…and we waited.

More on that in a bit, but first our friend Andrew started making some really spectacular railing.