Chapter 96: Finally, an Enclosure

January 6, 2019 • Written by Christina Berry

So, you know how we’ve been waiting for windows? Well, here’s the first part of that story.

Once upon a time, ages ago, we went to a company called Grand Openings for all of our window needs. They were great. They did 100% of the windows on the main house and Glenn, our sales guy, was awesome. No problems.

So, when it came time to put windows in the back building, obviously we went back to them. But it’s been years and Glenn has moved on to greener pastures and so we met Bob, the new sales guy, and immediately disliked him. He didn’t listen, never returned calls, and was generally a pain to work with. After a while we were pretty much done with Bob and the whole company.

However, we did buy one MASSIVE window from him.

We bought a big tri-fold door for the bottom floor and then waited months for it to be manufactured and delivered. And then when it arrived it was too small for the custom enclosure we literally built around the specs Bob gave us. WTF, Bob?

Here’s the big ole hole where it will go.

And here’s the window that is too small, just sitting there stacked against the wall being too small.

Errek raised holy hell and had the general manager of the Grand Openings store as well as the regional rep for the window manufacturer come out with their own tape measures to double check that the windows were indeed too damn small.

I will say this: they fixed the problem. They completely remade the door with the accurate measurements, so I can’t complain too much. The one big problem was that every time we had to order a new door, it added another 6 weeks or more to our schedule, hence all the long waiting periods. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We’d come to jokingly referring to the back building as the cat jungle gym, because that’s pretty much all it was for a long, long time.

Here’s Nalla upstairs, just chillin’, like ya do.

And here’s Nalla and Blackie Lawless fighting over something they killed in our yard. Party!

Anyway, it was long past time to close shit up. So when the new door finally arrived it was a glorious day. We hired an installer who took care of it all, even cutting a slice out of the concrete for the door track. *cough cough*

And then he installed it, and it’s lovely.

Here’s how it opens if you want to let the air in, or if you want to back the truck inside and load something.


And here’s Errek hard at work in his new shop.

By the way, we’re keeping the protective covering on the windows for now. Cuz we don’t want to break the glass and then have to wait six-months to get it replaced.

Oh, but wait. There are two doors into the bottom floor—the big tri-fold hole and a much smaller people-sized door. The plan is to build a door for that hole which will look like these New Orleans shutters. Something like this:

In the meantime, we stuck a temporary door and a little AC unit into that space.

So, now the back building first floor is actually enclosed and secure, and that’s a big deal, because there’s all of this stuff that needs to be in that room.

Pretty much everything that’s in our guest room.

Meet our guest room:

You know, I tell my friends-with-kids that our house is not “kid-friendly” and yeah, I really mean that. We have saws on the floor, y’all. That is so NOT kid-friendly.

But, finally we have an enclosed 800 sqft space where all of those tools and materials can live comfortably. Hooray!

And so we moved in.

Errek also got himself a little Christmas present while he was at Home Depot. We’ll pretend it’s from me.

Storage for all the important stuff.

Thus freeing up our guest room for, well, guests. Just needed to finish it out a bit. First, we taped and mudded the walls.

Then, in true Errek fashion, we MUDDED the walls some more.

Then primed it.

We have big design plans for this room. Eventually, when there’s time, we’re going to paint the walls a grayish blue and then cover those walls with pennies. Yeah, meet the future Lincoln Bedroom. Won’t that chandelier look awesome with a bunch of pennies on the wall?

In the meantime, though, we bought a new mattress, and Errek built a platform for it, and we got a bunch of bedding at Bed, Bath & Beyond and voila! We actually have two BEDrooms now, y’all. Of course, one of them is haunted by Bea the Busybody, who likes to keep an eye on the neighborhood.

Hey, boo!

Oh, and building out the guest room totally paid off be we got our first guest. All the way from London, England, Heather came to visit for couple of weeks for my birthday! Love!

Of course, despite the comfy new bed, we decided to rent a car and drive out to Big Bend to see the stars and the desert. Looky here, it’s us in Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico with Nikki and Heather. Photo by Nikki! xoxoxo